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About Sabre Strategic Partners
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Sabre Strategic Partners (SSP) is a full service financial planning company operating in the Greater Toronto area for over 25 years.

Sabre uses the Discover | Design | Deliver process to offer creative solutions (Discover), implement those solutions (Design), and get real results (Deliver).

Sabre specializes in personal and corporate health and wealth, analyzing not only the tax, retirement and estate needs of our clients but also stress-testing their companies' group benefits and pension plans to ensure profitability, stability, and employee attraction and retention.

Sabre's dramatic difference is our ability to help individuals, families, and businesses get to where they need and want to be from a risk and asset management perspective. This is done by:

  • Protecting and preserving what is dear to them.
  • Helping them understand change, challenges, and opportunities as they happen.
  • Being their sounding board when they need it most.
  • Inspiring confidence in a proven process of discovery, design, and delivery.
  • Mitigating risks of living too long, dying too soon, outliving their money, or retiring in need.
  • Offering trusted advice in areas of health, wealth, and financial clarity.

Sabre offers a true partnership and holistic process for personal and corporate health and wealth because clients have too little time and too many other priorities demanding their focus and attention, particularly in an era of increasing complexity and information overload.

Jeff Wilson

As Managing Partner of Sabre Strategic Partners Jeff oversees and delivers on innovation, efficiencies and effectiveness, employee and client engagement, and the Sabre brand strategy and vision.

On top of this Jeff oversees Sabre's Discover | Design | Deliver process in order for the firm to add as much value as they can to the client, the client's professional advisors, as well as the client's business and family.

Furthermore, Jeff strives to define and find partnerships with carriers, other brokers and advisory groups, and most importantly clients.

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Stephen Toale

A partner of Sabre Strategic Partners since 2008 and with more than 25 years of industry experience Steve works with Sabre's target clients to assess their personal estate and retirement needs through the use of the Discover | Design | Deliver process.

Steve also oversees Sabre's group retirement arm in assisting their client's companies, and in turn, their employees achieve financial clarity.

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Jonathan Isaacs

Jonathan has been a partner of Sabre Strategic Partners since inception in 2008. Previously Jonathan had been owner and partner in a number of firms dating back to the 1980s.

Jonathan is Sabre's lead on the group benefits side where he uses Sabre's Discover | Design | Deliver process with corporate clients to achieve health, wealth and financial clarity. Sabre Strategic Partners' process is our difference.

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Barry Block

Barry has been partner as Sabre since 2008. Previously Barry has been owner and partner at a number of firms since the early 1990s.

Barry works with targeted clients and uses in-depth analysis established by the Discover | Design | Deliver process to work on their risk management needs in order to achieve their estate and retirement goals.

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Nancy Sorichetti

For the past 15 years Nancy has enhanced a number of businesses inside Sabre Strategic Partners. Today she works to construct and price our corporate clients' group benefits packages.

She does this through an ongoing process that allows for Sabre to deliver a comprehensive benefits plan, priced competitively, for the long term, not just for right now.

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Elish Toale

Elish joined Sabre Strategic Partners in 2010. Before this she served as a senior customer relationship manager at a major Canadian financial institution.

Using that experience Elish provides premium customer service to our group benefits clients. Her ability to relate and understand group benefits and human resources issues has transformed her into an extension of the companies Sabre serves. Our value add as a benefits provider begins with Elish.

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Keelan Murtha

Keelan joined Sabre Strategic Partners in 2015 after achieving success in a number of roles at a major Canadian financial services company. Keelan adds to Sabre’s process by working one on one with employees of our target clientele to achieve financial security.

She relies on her experience as an Affinity product and group retirement specialist as well as SSP’s Discover | Design | Deliver process.

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Colin Tyler

Colin is the lead in asset and retirement analysis at Sabre Strategic Partners. After a number of years at a big five Canadian bank, Colin joined Sabre in 2015 to assist in our Discover| Design | Deliver process with employees of our clients companies.

Colin uses this process to help all his clients achieve the retirement they want, while implementing risk protection along the way.

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Aliya Janson

Aliya heads up all administration of Sabre Strategic Partners MEDdirect Private Health Services Plan and is the prime innovator in client-facing product, process, and design.

Aliya brings a wealth of administrative background key to maintaining a great office protocol, but at the same time has proven invaluable to clients throughout the Discover | Design | Deliver methodology.

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