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The MEDdirect
Private Health Services Plan (PHSP)

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Enrolment is easy!

  1. Decide:
    • If incorporated, do you want your employees' benefits to be based on a percentage of their salary, or a flat rate?
    • If incorporated, do you want any special subclasses (i.e., family, single, management etc.)?
    • If incorporated, do you want your employees to pay a deductible?
  2. Have ready:
    • Employee information (name, salary, email address). This is necessary because your employees will receive important information and setup instructions via email. They will be unable to participate in the plan without this information, so be sure you have the right email address for each employee to be covered.
    • $150 one-time setup fee.
    • If you are a sole proprietor or unincorporated company, your travel insurance policy number and expiration date.*
  3. When you're ready, click the button to complete the Master Enrolment form, which is a fillable WEB document supplied by Reachlite.
  4. Forward the $150 one-time setup fee to:

    SABRE Health Direct Inc.
    5025 Orbitor Dr.
    Building 3
    Suite 300
    Mississauga, ON   L4W 4Y5
  5. When we receive the setup fee, your account will be activated!

If you have any questions, contact your broker, or, if you don't have a broker, call SABRE Health Direct at 905-206-0900 (or 1-800-314-3346 if outside the GTA).

* The CRA requires that unincorporated businesses must purchase, within their plans, an element of insurance. SABRE Health Direct Inc. requires that travel insurance be purchased at time of plan setup. All unincorporated businesses will be contacted and given a quote once completed PHSP applications are received.