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Important information

Unincorporated businesses are subject to particular rules and conditions.

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Private Health Services Plan (PHSP)

Information for incorporated businesses

When a corporation enters into a cost-plus arrangement under the SABRE MEDdirect PHSP to cover medical expenses incurred by its employees, the relevant element of insurance would be present, even if the only employee is also the sole shareholder of the corporation. The corporation would thus be entitled to deduct its costs incurred in provision of this benefit to its shareholder employee, while the employee would bear no tax costs, as PHSP premiums paid by employers do not constitute a taxable benefit.

Some, one or all of the family members may use the benefit maximums in a given year combined. This program must be run on a calendar year basis and may be pro-rated.

How much can I submit?

While maximum benefit limits are not mandated for corporations, SABRE HEALTHdirect Inc. requires that benefits are limited to 20% of employee annual income. This is done to ensure that the element of risk, with respect to the employer, is established, and that the plan remains properly based "in insurance".